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Friday, 07 December 2012
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Image Writer/Director/Prodcuer, Amy Hart is dedicated to producing work that inspires positive change. She has produced and directed over 100 broadcast hours and numerous short videos and PSAs on public health issues. WATER FIRST, which she made in Malawi, is her first independent feature documentary. She's currently working on a feature film about a contemporary organic farmer. In addition to making independent films, Hart is the founding director of Public Health Productions at the New York Academy of Medicine. Prior to launching PHP she was the director of a series of broadcast programs including Public Health Live! at SUNY Albany School of Public Health. She is also an associate professor at NYU where she teaches Public Health Through Film and Fiction.

Amy founded Hart Productions in the early '90s as a theater company and performed her original plays around the world including the UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo and the World Social Summit in Copenhagen. In 2002 ventured into film and television production after gaining experience in the industry while working in New York City. She held staff positions in PR and marketing at Miramax Films, New Line Cinema, Fine Line Features where she worked on the release of several Academy Award-winning films including The English Patient, Il Postino, Sling Blade and Good Will Hunting to name a few. She also spent 2 years working as a freelance writer/producer in broadcast news.

Hart's first independent documentary won an International Jury Award at the World Water Forum in Mexico City. Hart also received a Fulbright Cultural Exchange Award for the short to travel to Greece for the Ecofilm Festival. The film was selected by the International Secretariat of Water and shown at several festivals and water conferences. The film premiered on World Water Day at the DC Environmental Film Fest at the Carnegie Institute and has shown at several festivals and conferences around the world. it is distributed by Bullfrog Films. Photographs she took in Africa while shooting have been published in the award-winning book, Water Voices From Around the World, edited by William E. Marks.

Amy Hart (right) at Saratoga Lake Swimathon
Hart is an Aquarian and was born in Racine, a city located on the shores of Lake Michigan. She then moved to Hawaii where she became a competitive swimmer. As a fundraiser for her first trip to Africa to begin the filming of Water First she swam 3 miles across Saratoga Lake in upstate New York. She has done other open water swims in Hawaii and on the East Coast.

Hart has a wonderful son named Jay who is a tremendous source of joy and inspiration every day. She also has two beautiful God-children in Malawi, Sarah Miriam and Prince Kamanga. She currently lives and works in New York City.

Contact: HART PRODUCTIONS, PO Box 286588, New York, NY 10128-0006, USA

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