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Thursday, 20 December 2012
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WATER FIRST: Reaching the Millennium Development Goals Girl with Bucket - aHart c2004

Directed by Amy Hart

WATER FIRST is a documentary made in Malawi that highlights the central importance of clean water in relieving poverty and empowering people.

WATER FIRSTwas awarded an International Jury Prize at the World Water Forum in Mexico City and has been shown at numerous festivals and international conferences including the Amnesty International Film Fest in Sweden, the UN Environmental Programme Award Film Festival in Istanbul and the Environmental Film Festival In The Nation's Capital, to name a few. Filmmaker, Amy Hart received a Fulbright Cultural Exchange Award to bring the film to the Eco Film Festival in Rodos, Greece.

SYNOPSIS: Through the inspiring story of Charles Banda, a humble, local fireman turned waterman who has provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of fellow Malawians, it becomes apparent why clean water should be first if we are genuinely committed to reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and reducing poverty and the suffering it causes in developing nations.

The MDGs are a set of goals that the UN committed to in the year 2000. The goals address the need to reduce poverty and hunger, achieve universal education, empower women, combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases and build partnerships for development. As Charles Banda articulates, it is impossible to achieve any of these goals without putting water first.


PRODUCTION: Ms. Hart not only produced and directed the film, she also shot most of it and edited herself. The project has forged a strong relationship with Charles Banda and Freshwater Project Malawi, and screenings of the film often serve as fundraisers for well projects in Malawi. To date, funds from the screenings have provided water for more than 50,000 people. Please click the Donate bucket if you would like to help.

The soundtrack for the film was supported by a grant from the Park Foundation and features extraordinarily gifted African musicians including Samite from Uganda and Habib Koite from Mali.

The 46:00 minute feature premiered on World Water Day at the Environmental Film Festival in our Nation's Capital. The film is now available for festival and conference screenings and broadcast agreements. The DVD includes a 28:00 minute version as well as the 46:00 minute version.

WATER FIRST is now on sale at Bullfrog Films. You may order your copy online or by calling Bullfrog Films at 1-800-543-3764. Different rates apply for educational institutions, non-profit groups and individuals, so please CALL Bullfrog Films for details. Individual copies are just $25.00

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