WATER FIRST Reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), is a character-driven film directed by Amy Hart that conveys the importance of clean water and sanitation in addressing all major global issues and achieving the MDGs set forth by the UN to reduce poverty in developing nations.

The Story of a Waterman
Through the inspiring story of Charles Banda - a humble, local Malawian fireman turned waterman who has provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of fellow Malawians, WATER FIRST is a personal story with global significance.

"WATER FIRST gets to the heart of the global water and sanitation crisis," writes David Douglas, President of Water Advocates. "Through the story of one man in a single African country, Hart documents how development springs from access to safe drinking water. With filmmaking that may save lives, Hart chronicles water's link to health, girls' education, environmental protection, women's empowerment and economic productivity."

"I love the film," says Peter Gleick, President and Co-founder of the Pacific Institute and author of The World's Water. "WATER FIRST is a powerful look at the problem of failing to meet basic human needs for water, and the fantastic efforts underway by dedicated heroes trying to solve that problem."

WATER FIRST is Available on DVD. You may order WATER FIRST for your institution or for home viewing by contacting BULLFROG FILMS. The film is available for conferences, seminars, festivals or classroom use. Different rates apply for academic institutions, NGO's and individuals, so it is best to CALL 1-800-543-3764 to get your price.

Make it an EVENT. Filmmaker Amy Hart is available to speak at screenings and fundraisers. Please email to inquire.

Two versions are included on the DVD:

28:00 minute version covers the importance of clean water and sanitation in meeting all of the MDGs as articulated by Charles Banda.

45:00 minute version includes all of the above as well as 4 additional chapters that go deeper into the personal story of Charles Banda, founder of Freshwater Project Malawi.

ALL of the producer's profits go directly back to the project and help support Freshwater Project Malawi. WATER FIRST fundraisers have provided water to more than 20,000 people. If you would like to host a fundraiser to drill a well in Africa, please contact us by sending an email to

Thank you for your support. Every drop counts.

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